Preemies of the Carolinas



My friends and I recently completed a project for Preemies of the Carolinas. We sewed 96 hearts in an attempt to spread love to families and their infants going through a difficult time. If you have even the smallest knowledge of sewing (as we do), consider making a donation to this cause.

“Inspirational Hearts are given to mothers whose newborn infants have been admitted to the Newborn Intensive Care Unit. The fabric heart is worn against the mother’s skin so that the fabric absorbs the scent of the parents. The heart is placed with the baby in the isolette or crib so the mother is always with her child”.

  • Each family is given 2 hearts in a packet.
  • 2 hearts are given so 24 hours later the mom can take home the 2nd heart and use it as a scent from the baby while at home.
  • Each set of hearts comes with a poem.

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