I would love for you to join me in my latest project – #givewarmthspreadlove. My goal is to provide pieces of warmth (gloves, hats, scarves, socks, etc.) in an effort to spread πŸ’›Β to people in all 50 states. Follow #givewarmthspreadlove on Instagram to learn about all the fun ways in which you can become involved…

Letters to Service Men and Women

Thanks to my grandmother for making these awesome cards for us!! We wrote a personalized message and a thank you in each one. We so appreciate all our service men and women are giving and sacrificing for our freedom. We are sending our cards through A Million Thanks. Check out their website to see how…

Gifts of Warmth in Akron

Last year my friends and I hung 61 bags of homemade scarves, hats and gloves on the Market Street bridge in downtown Akron. Last year we hung 55 bags, for a total of 116 items of warmth. We are so thankful to our parents who helped us sew/knit the gifts. #givewarmthspreadlove  

Gift Wrapping for MCH

Wrapping gifts each year for Miller Community House has become one of our favorite things to do. The wonderful staff at MCH always has the donated gifts organized for us and ready to go. We pick them up, wrap them and deliver them back to MCH in time for the holidays. It is so heartwarming…

Cookie Plates for SOS

We had so much fun putting together cookie plates for Street Outreach Services again this year – baking, decorating, singing. We created 25 plates for homeless teens who drop into the center. Hoping the care that went into making the plates could be felt by the people who eventually enjoyed them.