Dog Days of Summer

On August 18th, we participated in the annual Dog Days of Summer event in our hometown to raise money to benefit the Madonio Family Animal Welfare Trust. The trust provides funds for the humane treatment of animals in Portage County. The event was very well attended. There were so many dogs enjoying the warm weather, delicious treats, water pools, a parade and meeting new furry friends. Their humans were having fun too, visiting, eating, shopping and entering contests.

My friends and I met many times before the event to make new sew fleece blankets to fit small, medium and large dog crates. We also made dog treats (in the shape of bones) from pumpkin, whole wheat flour and all natural peanut butter. In addition we wove together tug toys out of t-shirts and put together a raffle basket. 100% of our sales went directly to the trust.

We donated unsold blankets and toys to a number of animal rescue groups at the event. Then we had a great time passing out the leftover dog treats to the dogs still walking around at the end of the event.

It was such a fun day!






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