Reading Program at Access Shelter


My friends and I organized activities for an after school reading program at a homeless shelter across from our school. We made healthy snacks, came up with math games to play with the kids and stories to read to them. We also brought some no-sew fleece blankets we had previously made to pass out and a craft to make. We were so excited!

Unfortunately, on the day we went, most of the kids had other commitments and so we didn’t end up getting to carry out all our plans. We did, however, meet the sweetest little one year old and her mother. We had some snacks, visited and played with her. We gave her our favorite blanket with little foxes on it :). Even though the time turned out differently than we had expected, we were so happy to meet these two.

We were not permitted to take pictures with the kids at the shelter, so the shot above is us getting a little not so healthy (but delicious) snack afterward.

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