Second Chance Village

Second Chance Village –  “The Homeless Charity is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit located in Akron, OH. We have both a national interest and local focus on seeking innovative ways to end homelessness. More specifically, we seek to meet the homeless where they are today to get them to where they want to go tomorrow by offering transitional support services that bridge the gap between street living and home living.”

My friends and I got together to make muffins and hot coffee. We delivered over 30 servings to the residents of Second Chance Village on a cold and snowy day. Seeing the village filled us with gratitude for things we normally take for granted – heat, shelter, warm food, beds, clean and dry clothing and a safe place to call home.

If you are looking to serve others but don’t have a lot of time to plan ahead, Second Chance Village is very welcoming and appreciative of time and donations. Make some food, drop off a couple cases of water, offer to share your time or talent… Any and all efforts are appreciated!


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