Advertising for Miller Community House

Miller Community House is a shelter for families in Kent, Ohio. It’s a wonderful home that provides transitional housing to those in need. One obstacle that MCH encounters is getting the word out that they exist in our small community. Often people think of homelessness as being a big city problem, but that’s just not the case. We have lots of people suffering right around us.

We attended our community’s Farmer’s Market to help educate others about MCH’s mission and how they can become involved. We were so glad we spent our morning talking about MCH because most of the people we approached had never heard of it. We passed out wrist bands for National Homelessness Awareness Month and communicated facts as well as passed out brochures to try to end some of the stereotypes associated with homelessness. Did you know that most people who enter MCH are employed? Everyone who enters is drug and alcohol free.

When we were finished, we returned to my house to make no-sew blankets for the Dog Days of Summer event we are participating in – August 2018.

If you are looking for a charity in get involved with, I would strongly suggest MCH!!!


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