Fall Volunteer Opportunities

Sept. 16th – Cider and Donut stand to benefit victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. All donations will benefit the American Red Cross. (Update, we collected $188 :). Thanks to everyone who helped out.

Oct. 1st – Volunteer to help at the 11th Annual Walk for Babies at Canal Park. 7:45-10:00am.

Oct. 15th – This is Hunger at KSU 12pm.

Oct. 18th – 7pm Fall into SOS. Join us for an open house at Street Outreach Services in Akron (a homeless shelter for teens) to tour the facility and find out how we can help.

11/15 – 3pm Make Thanksgiving dinner for SOS (drop in homeless shelter for teens in Akron – some of you visited here with me last week). My mom will deliver the food on the 16th (they are celebrating early).

11/18 – Tentatively (my mom has not heard back yet) volunteering at Kent Farmer’s Market to advertise for Miller Community House, letting people know where it is, what it is and how they can help. It would be great to wear our purple MCH shirts. If you don’t have one, let me know and my mom can have one printed for you. Time TBA, but it would be in the morning.

*Sometime this winter (my mom is waiting to hear back from them too ) we are going on a mission with Akron Snow Angels to deliver sacked lunches, coffee, hats, gloves, etc. to people living on the streets in Akron

*Ongoing project – Each summer Dog Days is held in downtown Kent to raise money for the Madonio Family Animal Welfare Trust. The tentative date for next year is August 18th and the event will run from 11-4pm. We have offered to sell no sew fleece dog blankets and dog tug toys. The event is always fun and there will be tons of kids there our age. If you would like to work at the booth, we are asking that over the next almost 10 months, you make 10 blankets and 10 toys. The only way to have enough to sell is if we all work together. All sales will benefit the Madonio charity.

Dog Tug Toys – Watch this video for directions. Each toy can be made with one old t-shirt. I made a couple and I think they look better if you combine strips of fabric from different colored t-shirts, rather than making the whole toy the same color, but either way is fine.

No-Sew Blankets. There are tons of tutorials for these online. We are going to use two pieces of fleece for each blanket – usually one patterned for the front and one plain for the back. We found Jo Ann’s has better prices than Hobby Lobby on fleece. We have collected some fleece donations, so if you contact me, I can get fleece to you to use or you can go to the store and pick out your own. The sizes are listed below. If you buy one-yard cuts, the dimensions work out easily because you keep cutting the one-yard in half to create the different sizes.

Large:                 36×60 (whole one yard opened up) 1 yard makes 1 blanket

Medium:            36×30  (one yard cut in half once)   1 yard makes 2 blankets

Small:                18×30   (one yard cut in half twice)   1 yard makes 4 blankets

(One yard meaning one yard of each fabric. Two fabrics per blanket.)



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