Bedroom Two Finished in House of Hope

We worked about a day and a half on the second bedroom. The walls needed painted and the woodwork and doors needed scrubbed. We hung curtains, put together more furniture and used chalk paint to paint some furniture that was already at the house. We spray painted the bed frame too.

We loved the way this room turned out as well. It looks perfect for a younger girl with all the bright and cheerful colors. A huge thanks to our friend, Patty, who donated all of the bedding and many of the decorative items from her daughter’s room to help the bedroom come together so perfectly. We look a little exhausted in this pic :).

FullSizeRender (1) copy 6

Also, I huge thank you to Kristen for altering the bedding to fit the bed and creating this awesome blanket embroidered with the word HOPE :).

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