Fundraising for House of Hope

We have been working hard, selling raffle tickets, putting flyers in our neighbors’ mailboxes, posting on FB and talking to downtown businesses to raise money for House of Hope. We so believe in this cause. The girls affected by human trafficking are our age and we really cannot even begin to imagine what they have been through. Today, my mom ran a portrait mini-session in our backyard. Instead of paying my mom, clients donated a $100 Amazon Gift Card that we can use to purchase items for the two bedrooms and media room we are sponsoring in the foster home. My friends and I helped to make sure the shoots ran smoothly and we made signs for our upcoming fundraiser at the Kent Flea Market (selling Lemon Shake-Ups) on 6/17 and put glitter on the light plates we are mailing to the house. Hopefully, they will add a little sparkle to the girls’ lives :). We so appreciate all the generous people who have helped us!!!


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