Valentine’s Day Party at MCH

We had a great time hosting a Valentine’s Day party for the kids at Miller Community House. We started the party by playing Pin the Kiss on the Frog. The kids loved it. Each one asked to play a second time. Then we challenged them to games of edible tic-tac-toe. The boards were made out of graham crackers. We drew lines in frosting and used conversation hearts for the markers. The children had fun beating us several times and then even more fun eating their boards :).

After the games, we helped all the kids write out Valentine’s for their classmates. The kids did a great job of picking out just the right card to send to each of their friends. They helped each other and in the end, we finished a card for every kid on their lists!!

Then it was time for dinner. We brought applesauce cups and clementines decorated for Valentine’s Day. We had juice boxes and pizza too. For dessert, we had cupcakes with red and pink sprinkles and enjoyed eating with and talking to the kids. Everyone helped clean up and we left them with hugs and treat boxes.

The kids definitely brightened our day!!


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