Akron Food Bank

We had a day off school on Nov. 22nd and decided to volunteer at the Akron Food Bank. It was so much fun! You can easily register online as an individual or a group by clicking here FOOD BANK. Signing up to receive the organization’s email is also a great way to stay up to date with events, items they need and volunteer opportunities. For safety reasons, kids must be over 10 years old to pack meals.

Our job was to package Finding Dory graham crackers. We began by washing up and putting on the lovely hats we’re pictured in below :). We then entered the “clean room” where the food is brought in from an adjoining storage space to divide. Some of us scooped the crackers out of large boxes., some weighed the bags and others sealed each package. The rest of us put on labels and organized the individual bags into boxes. Together we packaged 490 meals!!!

When we finished, one of the leaders thanked us and pointed out how good it makes you feel when you volunteer. We all agreed. Helping others does feel great!


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