…to spread love to those in need.

My name is Rachel and I’m in the 7th grade. I started Ray’s Hope because I am troubled by how many of my peers do not have enough clothes to wear and food to eat. Although I never notice many homeless people in my city, I see so many when we travel, and that breaks my heart too. I started reading articles about how to reach out. I have spent hours searching Pinterest for the most useful crafts to make for homeless shelters and ideas for what those less fortunate need most. I decided to make this blog as a resource for others who want to spread love in their communities too.

I walked with my mom in the Selfless Elf 5K  last year to benefit the Akron Food Bank. I have served meals at the Peter Maurin Center. Every year I take part in the canned food drive at my school and my family adopts another family each Christmas. I help with the shopping and wrapping. I have also helped my mom put together meals for others at Thanksgiving and have volunteered at Alex’s Lemonade Stand. In addition, I have quietly done a number of things to help kids at my school and others in our town over the years. I feel, however, like I can do so much more. Another purpose of this blog is to keep me focused :).

My one fear in writing this blog is that it will look like I am bragging about the things I am doing for others. I do not want to come across that way at all. Being humble in my service is so important to me. My goal is simply to share in hopes of giving other kids my age (and adults too) ideas of ways they too can reach out. I also want to provide encouragement and hope others will leave comments and ideas on my blog from which I can learn as well.

If you’d like to give ideas to help those in need, share pictures, ask questions, I would love to hear from you. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Mission Statement: Ray’s Hope, to spread love to those in need.

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  1. Bret Landon says:

    Ray’s Hope is an awesome cause for good — and a living, breathing example of how one person with a heart for others really can change the world! So happy to know about it, and proud to say, “I know Ray! She doesn’t complain about things she doesn’t like in life. She DOES SOMETHING about it!” So proud of Ray, and the Hope she gives out to those who desperately need it. Where do we sign up?


    1. Ray's Hope says:

      Thanks Uncle Bret! I wish you lived closer and could join us in some of the upcoming events. If you decide to visit this summer, let me know when and I’ll schedule an activity where we can all volunteer together :). Thanks for your kind words and support!


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