Volunteering with Friends

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of packing meals for Feed My Starving Children at Christ Community Chapel in Aurora. Feed My Starving Children is a charity where “children and adults hand-pack meals specifically formulated for malnourished children. FMSC meals have reached nearly 70 countries around the world”. You can volunteer at their Permanent Pack Sites or their Mobile Pack Events.

We had so much fun because we worked with our friends in a group. My mom’s friends met us there with their families and my grandmother and best friend went too. Everything was so well organized. You watch an informative video first and then go to your tables where each person has a specific job to do: measure out the food and pour it in the funnel, weigh each packet, seal each packet and then organize them for boxing. Each time your table fills a box, you let out a big cheer.

The BEST part was wearing these lovely hats :).


Each shift works for two hours. Our shift filled 190 boxes, which is 41,040  meals. That’s enough to feed 112 children for a year. It only takes $.22 to pay for each meal, so one child can be fed for an entire year for just $82. Even though these boxes travel long distances, 99.7% of the meals boxed by Feed My Starving Children volunteers make it into the hands of kids.


Lots of laughter with my friend and my grandma!!

Next year, when the mobile pack site is back in my area, I am going to try to get enough of my friends together to fill one station. I know we would have a lot of fun working and cheering together.

*One great thing about this charity, as far as volunteering goes, is that they allow children to be involved in the packing of the food too!!!! I encourage you to visit the website above to see when Feed My Starving Children will be in your neighborhood. Get a group together and register to volunteer. You’ll be glad you did!

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